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Communal TV Systems 

With a dedicated team of IRS installation engineers TVSAS can provide a complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for communal TV systems 

Our Communal  installation services

Communal TV services are common in MDUs (multiple dwelling units), to avoid the need for dishes and aerials for each flat or balcony.  
A set of antennae is located onsite at a point of good reception, either on a building or a mast. Modern fibre-optic systems mean that there is effectively no limitation on the distance from the mast/antennae to individual buildings.
This means that a single antennae set can supply thousands of homes plus any office and commercial buildings on the same site.

IRS (Integrated Reception System)

The most popular UK standard for communal TV systems is the Sky Homes IRS. This supplies a range of terrestrial and satellite TV signals. A typical IRS provides:

Terrestrial Analogue TV (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4, C5)
 Terrestrial Digital TV (Freeview)
 Satellite (Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Freesat)
 Radio (FM, DAB)

What are the benefits of an IRS for developers?
The communal antennae are of a similar size to ordinary domestic aerials and dishes and are receiving only, so there are no issues with health and safety. They are unobtrusively located, either out of sight on the top of a suitable building, or in a suitable landscaped
position on the development perimeter. 
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