FreeSAT Installation Services

FreeSAT Installation and Aerial Services

Based in Reading and the Thames Valley, TVSAS are ready to help you with
getting the best from your FreeSAT setup providing new installs and diagnostics and realignment of existing systems and dishes.

Our FreeSAT services

The majority of the work we do for people on FreeSAT is either new installations where someone is looking for a cheaper alternative to SKY or they are struggling to get Freeview service in their area and upgrading to FreeSAT will give them a better reception.
We can also run diagnostics on your existing dish to check alignment and
help resolve an existing pixilation / signal strength issue.
We can also run extra aerial points to enable other receivers in other rooms. 

We can then quote you for any upgrades or work that may be required and as we carry spares in out vans most of the time we an fix it while onsite so as to save you addition callout/visit fees. 
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Is there cheaper alternative to SKY?
(YES - FreeSAT could be the answer for you)

Lots of people are feeling the financial pressure of today's economy and are looking for
cheaper alternatives to SKY that better suit their budget and their needs.

Sky have recently announced that TV packages will now be feeling the impact of its latest round of price hikes made this June, which have pushed up annual subscriptions by as much as £72!!
If you add in multi-room, high definition (HD) channels and non-packaged sports channels, subscription you’re soon hitting the £100 a month.
It will cost even more if you want all the Sports packages, latest movies, or sports events which you must purchase through Sky’s box office channels.
So, if you are looking for something a bit different now is a good time to look at the alternatives.

Switching to FreeSAT is easy

If you already have a SKY Box it is  simple to check what channels you could receive.
With your already installed SKY box you have access to FreeSAT you can check the channels that are free by simply pulling out your SKY card from your SKY box (this basically removes your SKY subscription information so you can only see the FreeSAT channels).
You will probably be surprised to find that you can still view or listen to over 200 TV and radio channels with no monthly bills. 
If you want to get rid of your SKY box then there is a wealth of set top boxes to choose from and we can help you choose the correct one for you.

It’s easy if you've already got a dish, you can switch to Freesat immediately. Simply plug in a Freesat box or TV & connect to broadband to access Catch Up services.

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For help with digital Freeview aerials or network cabling and wireless solutions, choose TVSAS.
"Thanks for your help with my mirrored TV; glad you know what you're doing! Looking forward to doing business with you guys again."
Lorraine Medley
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